Millionaire Mentor University - Page 15

Our Proven and Easy 6 Step MILLIONAIRE BLUEPRINT AND HOW WE…. “Cracked the millionaire code FOR VIRTUALLY ANYONE!” 1. OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY. One, you probably don’t have enough of it. If you did, why would you want to risk your family’s financial security by using your own money? 2. CASHFLOW. You need boatloads of money for instant income producing investments and opportunities not available for the average Joe! When you have large cash flows it can protect you during downturns, it can put you in a position to take advantage of amazing opportunities, that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to take advantage of. 3. FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE! You need to educate yourself on how to make, grow, keep, protect, and invest your money intelligently! Know what you don’t know. If people only realized, that with just a little more information they could be so much more successful. 4. MENTORS! You must have the best mentors, and experts to fast track your success. Experts and Mentors give you shortcuts! They have made all the mistakes until there weren’t any left to make! 5. CONNECTIONS! You know already the fastest way to the top is through contacts. Why do you think there are so many idiots running big companies? Daddy or Uncle Charlie gave them the job! 6. INCOME PRODUCING INVESTMENTS! When you have big chunks of cash or great credit, you will be exposed to more big opportunities then you can ever imagine. More money, more and better opportunities! These opportunities must produce income and cash flow quickly.