Millionaire Mentor University - Page 13

1. Money is not free! To obtain these large amounts of funding, with very few restrictions, hoops, and qualifications, it costs money to get money. It is not cheap. A. The great thing about this type of funding is that you do not have to take investor partners if you don’t want to! Not only will investors want half (50% or more) of your profits forever, but can eventually take over and control your whole company or income method! B. Hard money or angel investors take 15%-50% for using their money for just a few months. That’s over 100% a year interest not including upfront money of 3-5 %. You will have to pay it back quicker in larger amounts or lose your investment to them. This can equate to over 200%-5000% interest on that money! C. Risk your own money, and you could put your family into financial ruin for generations. Don’t’ invest your retirement money or risk your hard earned money. The key to wealth creation is using OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY. Now a note about the costs…. Whets the interest rate? This is a POOR man’s mentality. Poor people ask how much is the interest rate? When you have access to large amounts of cash flow for investments, that’s the wrong question to ask. The question should be “What are my percentages”. If you can buy a $100,000 piece of real estate for $50,000 then re-sell it for $50,000 in 3 months, why do you care whether the interest rate is 5% or 25%? Using good debt to acquire wealth is merely a matter of percentages not interest rates! This personal and business credit we are obtaining for you can be life changing if you use it wisely