MilliOnAir interactive Magazine September 2017 - Page 44

About Maiya

This is a huge opportunity for any young designer, never mind one who just turned 14 in May. All of this has been done on little or no money, and huge support from those who are inspired by a young girls dream and vision. This year she is also giving the opportunity to another of the designers at the studio, Emily Nayhree Art wear. Emily joined the House of Maiya team at the beginning of the year and is a talented artist/designer. She has been an amazing addition to the House of Maiya Team, and the collaboration between both designers has produced a collection that combines the unique talents and creative styles of both designers to showcase at New York Fashion Week.

Watch Maiya's video here

Maiya is a young girl who had a hobby that turned into a dream beyond anything she had imagined. She has combined her passion for the planet and design and created designs using anything she can find. This lead to her own brad of sustainable Fashion.

Her designs consist of recycled, reworked, and original pieces that allow her to draw attention to environmental issues while expressing her creativity.

House of Maiya hopes to inspire other young creatives to follow their dream as a young girl who started without even a sewing machine, she is on her way to becoming a business savvy young woman who is taking the world by storm, and creating opportunities for others along the way. House of Maiya also take part and organize several charity fashion shows to support organizations like Sickle Cell Ireland, Drogheda Women’s Refuge and more.

What we need to achieve this:

We would love your help to make this dream a reality by helping House of Maiya represent our community and country at these events and in setting up the design showcase center in Drogheda. We are trying to raise €5,000 and every contribution brings Maiya closer to her goal.

We are also welcoming a number of corporate sponsors who will be acknowledge throughout our retail space and social media. Louth LEO have also been supportive of the project and we hope to continue this arrangement.

Your support means a great deal to House of Maiya, the designers and artists who work with us, the seamstress’s who volunteer their time and our community, and to making our mark for the Irish industry.

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