MilliOnAir interactive Magazine September 2017 - Page 147

And then…the announcement and heartbreak of a divorce and the death of a schoolfriend's mum slipped into view. I always remember my schoolfriend having the whitest of school blouses, pristinely pressed by her lovely mum. Their faces look so similar now and, of course, they would be. Age can show us who we really are.

What I witnessed and felt in the course of a few minutes of this particular Facebook feed (and incredibly in this order), was the reminder of the ebb and flow of life and how precious and magical it is. How, wrapped in golden memories, both strong and delicate, vulnerable and sweet, it informs who we are, what we become and why we are here.

Life is like the unfolding of the petals of a flower, full of fragrance, full of hope, bursting open into a new world and leisurely bathing its face in the rays of the sun.

Forget for a while the hustle of the business world, the pitching and the promises. Pick instead the flowers that matter. They may not be here one day.

Fill your vase and fill your heart…

Tana Dawn

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