MilliOnAir interactive Magazine September 2017 - Page 146


by Tana Dawn

We all have our views about Facebook (one of the most powerful media businesses around) and for me, it's a double-edged sword. It can make you smile, warm your heart and make your toes curl all at the same time.

I'm conscious not to 'feed' off some of my Facebook feed; a diet of rantings, negative words and criticism is certainly not chicken soup for my soul. Such posts find their way to the waste disposal quicker than Oliver can say 'Can I have some more?'

However, a rather poignant feed arrived at my table that caused me to stop, take stock and slowly chew over. The first post was the fabulous announcement that my old 'Roomie' from Oregon had safely delivered twins; a beautiful little boy and girl. The parents' faces were bubbling over with pride, joy and unconditional love, as I have to say was mine. I thought of the new journey the four of them would be making; magical adventures, intimate moments of bonding, the stages of life that made each one the one to hold on to.

Then the following post shone for different reasons. A picture of a family friend's granddaughter dressed for her first Prom. My, how this lovely young lady had blossomed before my Facebook eyes. She looked both incredibly and naively beautiful.

I thought of how her life might unfold, the love she will share with others and with life itself. A future that will hold and give her everything she wants if she only asks and is willing to receive it.

My hairdresser's handsome son (although I still visualise him in his little holiday shorts) proposing to his girlfriend on that special bridge over the River Seine touched my heart. One of a thousand proposals maybe but this the most precious one of all.