MilliOnAir interactive Magazine May 2017 - Page 98

We are in love with Rocky Gathercole


by Maighread Ni Mhaonghail

M: When did you first realise you wanted to become a designer?

RG: I was about 17 or 18, when I first realised I wanted to become a designer. It was also when I had the realisation that I was an artist.

M: Who or what inspired you?

RG: I had a lonely childhood as a kid, I lived on the street, so I’ dreamed big, that was my first inspiration to escape from the harsh world of poverty.

M: How did you source what you needed?

RG: I just love walking around where ever I go, so everything is by chance

M: In some interviews you said you ran away from home as a teen and lived on the streets, why did you make that decision?

RG: I love my father and I lived with him for almost 15yrs, but the problem was that I was beaten as a child and I felt that I had no future with him, because he didn’t have a job, and I couldn’t see my future with him...

M: How difficult was it living on the streets as a teenager, and how do you think it influenced the rest of your life.

RG: it was very hard living on the street, I used sleep on the with just a piece of hard paper. I always begged for food, sometimes I didn’t have any food, just water. All that hardship that made me make a promise to myself that if I have given a chance in life I will not waste it.

M: How did it influence your designs?

RG: My father was my ultimate, inspiration, because I wanted to change my life so I worked hard and prayed to GOD for the gift of designing.

M: Do you feel it prepared you for the fashion world?

RG: I guess yes it did but I feel that it really prepared me life as a whole

M: What does fashion mean to you?

RG: its simple Fashion is my life!

M: What do you feel has been your biggest achievement to date?

RG: Oh I think escaping the harsh life of my younger years is definitely one of them.