MilliOnAir interactive Magazine May 2017 - Page 72

Classic Models is a boutique agency founded especially for the classic model aged 30 years and over. We are agents for sophisticated inspirational models who resonate with your brand and older demographic target audience.

We are an international agency representing the classic woman and the classic man. It is our mission to inspire others by providing models who are not only engaging and look fantastic, but offer unparalleled experience and substance to each and every job.

Agency founders Jana Forster and Samantha Tomlin both offer incomparable experienced within the industry, an industry in which many retire at 25, it is no surprise that Jana and Samantha are only getting started.

Classic Models are filling the gap in the market for an agency specially tailored for clients that have an inclination for older models.

Jana had careers in marketing, fashion styling and beauty industry. She overcame adversity in the form of serious illness, in her thirties; this has later proved to be the catalytic event that spurred her on to return to fashion industry. We are lucky that she has passionately moved behind the camera and become the driving force behind Classic Models.

Samantha has always been inclusive in the fashion world, in her early career she preferred to cut her teeth on the business side of the industry, in fact, her first modelling job did not arrive until she was in her late thirties, after being spotted doing a favour for a friend. She shares her confidence and professionalism with the team and we are forever fortunate to have her savoir faire.

Both Jana and Samantha, together with their team, strongly believe that given the opening in the market many models remain underrepresented in high fashion, in the way in which they deserve to be. Sadly, younger models, often with far less experience and commanding elevated fees, take the roles more befitting for classic models..

To this end, Classic Models was born, supporting and empowering experienced, desirable classic models, whilst embracing their age.


Samantha Tomlin

Director Classic Models

07840 754492