MilliOnAir interactive Magazine May 2017 - Page 65

MOA: What's your least favourite thing about your job if any? 

Michael Hampton: Waiting for fog to clear so that we can see far enough to get airborne safely.


MOA: How many helicopters do you have in your fleet? And what is your favourite one?

Michael Hampton: We have an "in house" fleet of 4 with and further 2 that we can call on if necessary. My personal favourite is the EC 135 which is a delight to fly and very reliable as well as being fast and comfortable for both the crew and passengers.


MOA: Where was your last flight (to and from)?

Michael Hampton: My last flight was last week when I undertook my Annual Flight test with an examiner. You have to be at the top of your game always and is what I demand of all my pilots and I know that they take a pride in demonstrating their skills and professionalism.


MOA: What's the one thing you think will change private aviation in the next 5 years? 

Michael Hampton: New technology will bring in more efficient and quieter, maybe electric, helicopters with lower running costs hopefully making them more accessible to more passengers.


MOA: What advice would you pass on to someone who wants to be a private pilot?

Michael Hampton: Go for it as it is a very rewarding career and no bad thing getting paid to do something so enjoyable.


MOA: What's the biggest change in aviation during your flying career? 

Michael Hampton: The incredible changes in power and capabilities of helicopters has been amazing when I think back to the two seat, petrol driven, flying bug that I started on.


MOA: Do you and your pilots have to keep updated on yearly training?

Michael Hampton: Yes we have a constant training program that involves actual flying with an examiner and time in a flight simulator  where we can very realistically practice the emergencies that we hope will never happen. 


MOA: If you could fly anywhere today where would it be and why? 

Michael Hampton: Paris. There are almost no hills between London and Paris so we tend to fly in sight of the ground and enjoy the view of the changing countryside and beautiful houses.