MilliOnAir interactive Magazine May 2017 - Page 55

BF: Making a period Gangster film is no easy task, what have been the biggest obstacles you have had to overcome?

TS:  Finding the filming locations was a big challenge as nothing looks like it did in the 1930’s – 1940’s. Plus the costume department had to be able to dress 58 actors and hundreds of extras without having a huge budget to spend on costumes. There are a lot of stunts and fights in this film as well as other obstacles but the locations and the costumes for a period film to me would always be the biggest challenges and the biggest costs.

BF: When are you hoping to get the film released?

TS:  It could be late this year or it could be early 2018. It will all depend on what date the UK distributor feels is the best for release.

BF: Are there any other British Gangsters you’d like to bring back to life on the Silver screen?

TS:  Loads…watch this space! 😊

BF: Any more films in the pipeline? 

TS: I have lots of film in development at the moment but production-wise I will be making (alongside my various partners) a 3D animation entitled “The Claus Supremacy”, a film about the Beatles entitled “The Longest Cocktail Party”, a film about The Shah of Iran entitled “King of King’s” and a documentary about my previous life as one of the world’s biggest club promoters entitled “King of Clubs”.

Thank you Terry Stone for taking time out to talk to Britflicks!