MilliOnAir interactive Magazine May 2017 - Page 113

t's at this time of year that the fruits of Doug's labour would start to sprout and that's the wonderful thing about the seeds we plant, regardless of our line of work; it's so fulfilling to see our efforts flourish.

He loved beer. And a whiskey. And a good argument. He could be a tough cookie and your blood pressure might soar to heights that your doctor wouldn't advise but Doug loved a battle of the minds. When he knew he wasn't going to win this one, he would burst into fits of laughter, shaking his head in chuckling defeat.

I have to admit that there were times when Doug's advice went a little over my head. I was either tired or thinking thoughts that could, and should, have waited. Precious moments that won't return.

The reason I'm sharing all this with you is because I haven't been in the best of health this year and as the years advance and, God willing, they invariably do, the importance of our health becomes a priority. We all take it for granted at times but when we haven't got it, it makes more of an impact on you than ever before. And the most impactful thing that Doug ever said was 'When you have your health, you have everything'.

So true.

I miss him. I miss his wise words. I miss his laughter. I miss my good health.

Maybe we can all take a leaf out of Doug's book: live our lives to the full, sing at the top of our voices, dance like there's no tomorrow and listen to that dawn chorus. There's nothing quite like it.

Tana Dawn

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