MilliOnAir interactive Magazine May 2017 - Page 112

I am writing this with a whimsical smile on my face and thinking of my late ex father-in-law. A real man's man. He was a retired miner and called a spade a spade (for those not familiar with this term, he was extremely direct, spoke from the heart and told it like it was).

Doug was 'old school'. He expected his dinner on the table at 12 noon and tea at 5.00. He would take a 20 minute power nap in the afternoon and awake bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to take on the world. The crossword was always a big part of his day. It kept his mind alert and his spirit active. I remember him saying once that he wouldn't be dictated to by a woman in petticoats. You get the measure of the man, right?

He loved life. He had a wonderful philosophy around it. 'Live for today and don't worry about a thing'. He would burst into song at the drop of a hat and jig around his lounge giving it all he'd got. We had many a jive session, laughing at the top of our voices as he twirled me around until we both collapsed in a height of dizziness and delight.

Gardening was Doug's passion. He would be up at 4.00am and head off to his allotment to tend to his vegetables. He said it was the best time of day; the light would slowly appear and the blackbirds would be bursting into song with their dawn chorus. As he turned the soil, blackbirds and robins would swoop down for their early morning breakfast of tasty earth worms. This was Doug's little bit of paradise. His vegetables tasted of just that. All organically grown, no pesticides. He would relish dropping off a container full of his latest crop, all beautifully presented as if they had just won first prize at some farmers market. 'I've brought you a flower', he would announce, '…a cauliflower!'