MilliOnAir interactive Magazine June 2017 - Page 94


You are singing in Wind in the Willows. What are your musical influences?


I used to have really short hair at school so people thought I was a Slade fan. But in fact I was just a suede head. My musical influences were more soul and disco. Donna Summers was my favorite and of course Donny Osmond was my crush. Honestly I had dinner with him a few years back and felt that teenage feeling around him all over again. He was just lovely.

Your son Matt is a hugely successful rock star. Have you given him any tips on singing?


Lol! Well I always taught my kids to be relaxed and believe in themselves while staying grounded. 


Remember to work hard in your craft. Even though Matt is a brilliant singer, he still takes lessons and works hard. I think the reason he is so successful is because he tells a story through his songs and people feel the empathy.

So many singers can belt out a great tune but they do not feel it. You can tell he feels every moment when he sings. I am just so proud of both my boys I could scream. 


Were you surprised to be cast in the role of Mrs Otter?


I was in shock! I am so excited to be working with such an amazing cast and crew. Standing there auditioning with some of the finest performers in the West End was surreal. But as everyone keeps telling me, I would not have got the part if I weren’t right for it. I have been in musicals before but it’s been a while. I almost fell off my chair when the cast album went to number one in Movers and Shaker on Amazon.

Denise and husband Lincoln