MilliOnAir interactive Magazine June 2017 - Page 85

Since this new journey begun, what would you say has been the most challenging moment so far?

The most challenging moments at first was trying to create and work on everything by myself and get it out there in the big wide world. I still create 60% of the content, but now I have a beautiful team with me.

And most rewarding? 

All the wonderful cover stars so far, seeing my magazine at London City Airport private lounge, people believing in me and celebrating one year of MilliOnAir Magazine with my team, we all went to the new NED 5-star hotel in London, had some amazing treats in Millie’s lounge and spent the rest of the weekend being pampered in the spa! Very rewarding indeed!

Do you ever take a moment to see how far MilliOnAir has come? To what do you attribute the rapid growth in readership worldwide?

Yes, I always like my little moments to look back in wonder about all the amazing things that I have achieved, a couple of bad things but you must move on from those very quickly. As they say bad leadS to good or in my case amazing things and I have ended up with a really strong team now. Social Media is the name of this wonderful game and we push ourselves out there like crazy, again it is something we really enjoy working on.

‘’Anything is possible; I’m possible’’