MilliOnAir interactive Magazine June 2017 - Page 84

I love the idea of a magazine that not only covers celebrities & luxury but also real inspirational stories that people can relate to. What made you create that mix?


It is all do to with how I am and how I live and see the world today. Talented people inspire me, I buy from people, I want to know their success stories, their struggles, their downfalls and then their mission to make it in the world. I love all that and that’s what I wanted to put across in the magazine. I love luxury brands, but I also love the ethical brands, the brands what are making a difference in the world.

Who is MilliOnAir’s audience?


I would say it varies, but I like to think, young and older, dynamic, entrepreneurs with a vision for the future.

Name a few of your dream brands? And why?

Gosh there are so many out there that I love, but of the top of my head

Virgin Galactica due to the fact I have followed them when I read an article in Vogue magazine many moons ago, I think in 2004!

Rolls Royce cars of course; in my eyes no other car comes close to the luxury or beauty of the Double R brand and I have been lucky enough to drive the Dawn a few times.

Four Seasons Hotels When I am not happy in hotel I am staying in; my little moto is 'it's just not the 'Four Seasons'

Name a few of your dream cover stories? And why?

Michelle Mone, again she has a story, I love everything she does and I have followed her journey for years, she is a true inspiration.

Gary Vaynerchuck, he is so NOW, the man of our times and it seems everything he says or thinks is exactly how I think.

Tom Cruise, he has success and inspiration oozing out of him and I just think he is a nice guy plus I love all of his movies.

Theresa May, especially because of her love of shoes…And it is quite widely known that I love shoes...''This is not something that defines me as either a woman or a politician, but it has come to define me in the eyes of the newspapers. I wore a pair of leopard-print kitten heels to a Conservative Party Conference a few years ago and the papers have continued to focus on my feet ever since''

How do you think the digital world and Internet have changed the way online readers get captivated?

I think it is the usual thing…people like to look at crisp, clean, shiny, pretty things and now more so online and with video’s. This is part of the reason I started my magazine, as I wanted to read an online magazine on the go on my iPad. Every time I travelled I would buy a whole bunch of magazines and then leave them for someone else to read when I had finished! With an online interactive magazine, it’s with me for life!