MilliOnAir interactive Magazine June 2017 - Page 77


Thank you so much for your time. It is always a pleasure catching up with you as always. We can't wait to see your next projects and readers I'll catch up with Jeff again very soon so he can continue to share his journey.


So there you have it folks, we got to know Jeff a little bit more and here at MilliOnAir, he will always have our support. Jeff Fahey and his piercing blue eyes will continue to inspire many generations to come with his charisma, work ethic, drive, vision and passion for the way he lives life each day not just for himself but for the many he continues to empower in life.


As I always say, Keep it Real!


Elise Quevedo


For anyone with queries about Jeff Fahey, he is under Jeff Goldberg Management 


And as mentioned here are some links to his Humanitarian efforts & projects. We will be doing a more in depth follow up on this soon....

Jeff's humanitarian work

Passerine Project

America Abroad Media



Jeff in 2012 at the Jordan / Syrian border with refugees who have just arrived from Syria

photo Sasha Gusov