MilliOnAir interactive Magazine June 2017 - Page 76

Jeff, from the days hanging out in London, I always remember how much people respect you and how you always listen to them. What do you value most in people?


Integrity, truth, passion for life, honor and humor, I look for these in others and try to hold onto that in myself.


What do you enjoy doing on your spare time?


My whole life is spare time! Working in the industry and the other work I do it all becomes one, I really have been fortunate and blessed to have this great adventure and mix these worlds together in my life.


Who do you get inspired by?


I get inspired by life and death and I say that not to be dark, or to make light of tragedy in the world.

The more we live, and everyone has their tragedies, some have far more tragedy than others and some are fortunate to have far more joy than most. 

But I think one of the things that helps or forces us to grow and change is that as we grow older we experience birth more and it gives us this great joy, whether it is someone close to you or someone with a growing family or a friend having a child for the first time and at the same time we experience more death because we are more aware of life whether it is in a conflict area, a close friend that has just passed or not even someone close to you but you are aware that someone else is having that experience of pain and loss.


Both of  these things have made me appreciate life more each day, each year. And it’s given me more drive to do more and to appreciate every single thing more.

With all the experience and wisdom you have gathered so far, what advice would you give to your younger self?


Be cool brother, be cool!


Ha! I think I’m going to have to steal that line! So what is next for Jeff Fahey? Can you share with us what you are working on? 


I just formed a film/TV Production company with my partners Natalia Rotenberg, Dmitry Chebotarev and Laura Hypponen called "Amber Snow”. We’re developing a project with 2 time Oscar nominated director Roland Joffe.

I am going to New York to hopefully get the new play I mentioned earlier, The Husk, on its feet for off Broadway in the fall, then heading back to the Middle East in a couple of weeks to continue working with AAM, some programs we are setting up for young film writers in Jordan and a couple of other countries, I’ll have some other news when we do a follow up about an international film school and Roland Joffe and myself.

But right now I am currently in Vancouver filming and I’ll be going to Serbia next month to do a film.