MilliOnAir interactive Magazine June 2017 - Page 73


How about the 90's?


The end of the 80’s, early 90’s was ‘White Hunter Black Heart’ with Clint Eastwood as I mentioned and I learned so much from working with Clint. During that period, I learned a lot from some amazing filmmakers as I was making 4-5 films a year. I think by that time I was beginning to realize not only the great directors and actors, writers & producers I was working with but I began to appreciate my work process. The experience was becoming much richer in the sense of the craft and the technique.  


The thing is, you have four decades of all these different movies and things you’ve done and pioneering some things to pick and choose just a few is difficult, otherwise we could have a whole magazine issue talking about each of your experiences!


It was only logical that we spoke about Lost for the 2000's! You have been praised many times for your role in Lost and I even remember people coming up to you with Lost posters in London for you to sign at the end of your play. How do you remember Lost? Why do you think it's still such a big phenomenon worldwide? 


As you know it was a huge show played all over the world and it was a No1 show in so many different countries and the viewership was millions upon millions. That in and of itself was an incredible experience and phenomena and to be part of that was amazing. One can spend years involved in the work and the process and then when something like that happens you don’t quite understand it. You dig it and you roll with it and I think it was one of those shows that it just found its niche and time and place.

I say dig the adventure and I think as you go on, you take things less personal