MilliOnAir interactive Magazine June 2017 - Page 68

With over 150 acting credits we can say Jeff knows one thing or two about having a successful career as an actor. I first met Jeff when he was doing a play in London called '12 Angry Men', a show I got to see quite a few times and each time, Jeff's acting was mesmerizing. Someone I am now honored to call a friend.


So in this June issue of MilliOnAir, we wanted to feature someone who not only inspires people with his career in film, television and theater, but also his humanitarian efforts. I have a lot of respect for Jeff, not just as an actor but who he is as a human being and today we shall get to know him a little bit more.


Jeff has been around for so long that it would be hard for me to mention just one of the movies or TV shows people know him from. From Silverado in the 80's; The Lawnmower Man, The Marshall & The Contract in the 90's; to of course Lost in the 2000's. And the last few years we have seen him in TV hit series such as Chuck, Hawaii 5.0, Under The Dome, Justified, Texas Rising, Legends of Tomorrow and also starring in upcoming movies such as  the mega budgeted "Alita: Battle Angel" from director Robert Rodriguez and producer James Cameron for Fox, "Sunset Glory: Doolittle’s Heroes" the epic WWII American/Chinese coproduction and "Too Late" the award winning film starring opposite John Hawkes.

For anyone who appreciates the art & craft that is acting, we will all agree that there is something very special about Jeff Fahey. And I'm not talking just about the trademark piercing blue eyes that continue to make ladies hearts flutter (o0ps! did I say that out loud?), I'm talking about the way Jeff embraces and becomes a character. 


Going back to when I saw Jeff live during '12 Angry Men', I still remember his stellar performances and how you could hear a pin drop during the entire play. I would get goosebumps from seeing the emotion in his eyes. He transported me to a different world. I truly felt like I was part of the production and I was living the performance myself. When you are able to feel that, you know you are in the presence of a truly magnificent actor who has honed his craft to a level not many reach.


We could probably dedicate a full magazine to talk all things Jeff and it would most likely not be enough! Now time to enjoy this inspirational interview with the iconic legend that is Jeff Fahey.

''Jeff is starring in upcoming movie the mega budgeted Alita: Battle Angel"

A closer look into the

great adventure of

Hollywood Actor Jeff Fahey

By Elise Quevedo