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Editor's Note

These words have been said to me many times by various people throughout my life, the realization of that quote struck me on a recent break as I was scrolling through my latest edition of MilliOnAir Magazine whilst sat on a beautiful secluded beach in Devon.

That line made me smile and I had to have a chuckle to myself, but I must say it has always given me a different outlook on life, as I am the type of person that will always go against the grain and will always choose the positive way in life, so to all those who doubted me.... I will be successful or more to the point ''I AM SUCCESSFUL'' (more about my MilliOnAir life on page 82).

The month of May was as very busy one for the MilliOnAir team, we were overwhelmed by the feedback of that issue, we also welcomed a new member to our team Elise who is a complete Wonder Woman and who is bringing us truly inspiring people from around the world, including

our iconic June cover star Jeff Fahey “The great adventurer of Hollywood” (page 66) all about his life in and out of the Movie industry.  

''Fahey is one of the many fascinating men to grace the cover of our magazine this year'' 

And how inspiring is it to learn that 59 years young actress Denise Welch (page 90) has been a constant presence on UK television, with hit shows like Boy Meets Girl, and she won   rave reviews for her one-off in EastEnders last year, she is also staring in the new Wind in the Willows musical.

Lots lots more to keep you entertained....

Have a wonderful month, don't forget to share MilliOnAir .....happy scrolling, enjoy the

interviews and I look forward to hearing your feedback on our June Issue all this month 



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Jeff Fahey in Demi Lovato's Confident video