MilliOnAir interactive Magazine June 2017 - Page 42


The use of biometrics will give access to millions of people with no access to financial services as they do not have official identification. Humaniq aims to create a simple platform able to cross language barriers which even illiterate people could use. This application will make microfinance transactions accessible to the two billion people who have no access.

Guarda has a positive view of the current state of the world when compared to any other time in the history of humankind. He believes knowledge, technology and ideas must work together or technology will rule us. He thinks that people have been obsessed with technology at the expense of ideas for too many years. His earlier optimism about technology development has changed to soft anxiety as he observed new challenges in the digital world such as fake-news. He believes technology can be used in both constructive or destructive ways. The development of artificial intelligence is happening faster than we know and it can all go wrong, especially if it is used to manipulate finances, or economies. Guarda wants to be on the constructive side of history.

This interview of a remarkable man who has embarked on a truly remarkable journey is well worth watching. This may be the beginning of massive humanitarian change for the good of the poor and dispossessed.

Disclaimer: Our founder Derin Cag and Dinis Guarda are business partners through their organisation Blockchain Age, Derin is also an Advisor/Shareholder of Humaniq.