MilliOnAir interactive Magazine June 2017 - Page 40

Special Video Interview With Dinis Guarda,

Chief Executive Officer of Humaniq

Dinis Guarda – CEO of the Financial Inclusion Application Which Could Change the World:

Dinis Guarda, CEO of Humaniq, founder and CEO of Ztudium has a Master’s degree in new media. His background is in international business, marketing, communication and web design. He has worked with many diverse organisations from start-ups, to Fortune 500 companies and small and medium enterprises, governments and international organisations such as the United Nations. He applies his vast knowledge and experience of running global management teams to setting new directions for businesses in a technologically fast-moving world.

Guarda is excited by creative industries, starting as an author, then moving to digital platforms. He became particularly interested in how the internet was driving change in financial institutions and subsequently became a banker. He writes regularly on leading websites and for magazines. He lectures at various international business schools and speaks at workshops along with educational events. He has an interest in community building.

Guarda believes people should use the tools available to them to improve society. The tool most available in our time is technology. How we use this is crucial. Money, technology and ideas must be combined to work for improving humanity. Incorrectly used technology can be a force of destruction. Guarda is a creative man who wants to be part of the change for good, and for his children to be proud of him. His newest and most exciting venture is Humaniq, which was co-founded by successful investor Dmitry Kaminskiy and blockchain expert Alex Fork.

What Is Humaniq?

Humaniq, launched in 2016, hopes to build a world where access to financial transactions is widely available to all people, particularly in undeveloped and developing countries. This includes the two billion people estimated to be financially excluded. Humaniq is beginning as a blockchain banking application, which uses biometrics in place of traditional identification documents.