MilliOnAir interactive Magazine June 2017 - Page 148

Alexander Graham Bell has a lot to answer for. Not only was he a scientist, engineer and innovator, he was also an inventor. It's thanks to him that over a generation of people have been blessed (or some might consider cursed) with the invention of the telephone.

Think how far this amazing piece of equipment has come. In its early days (it was awarded its first US patent in 1876), people thought that the devil travelled down the telephone line and into your soul. If you weren't lucky enough to have one installed in your home, you used (as in my case) the internationally recognised British red telephone box! Ah, memories. I confess that as a nine year old, I and my partners in crime would ask the vowel-clipped lady's voice coming out of the earpiece if she was the operator. When she confirmed with an assured confidence that she was, we would yell 'Well get off the line, there's a train coming!!' A different kind of platform existed in those days which had nothing to do with social media. We had to make our own fun.

When we did have our first telephone installed, we would sit and stare at it for hours waiting for it to ring. As hardly anyone knew our number, we had a very long wait. In order to receive cheaper calls, my family shared what was called a 'party line' with another user who had the same number. You could, if you wished to make a call, inadvertently overhear the other party in mid-conversation. In those days, that was quite a thing to be privy to someone else's private conversation. Nowadays, you can't make yourself heard for the barrage of voices swirling around mobile city and, sadly, you don't always have the choice to disconnect from them.

But for entrepreneurs and businesses of any size, they have proved invaluable and indispensable to us. Where else can you been seen and heard in one click? Your business, your brand, your message and your offers can be seen by almost anyone anywhere in the world instantaneously. MOA proves the point. Luxury brands, connections and relationship building are all here at your beautiful fingertips.