MilliOnAir interactive Magazine June 2017 - Page 145


Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Dear Cancer the start of June sees you feeling a bit below par and prone to summer colds. Make sure you are dosed up with lots of vitamin C at this time. However there will be lots of support at home with family members wanting to look after you.

You may also find yourself turning to a friend for advice as you feel unclear about a new direction your life seems to be heading in. This all reaches a peak at the full moon on the 9th June with you realising there is still a need to address an issue from the past. However a fun evening with friends may be planned at this time and will make you forget your concerns for a little while.

By the new moon on the 24th June life is feeling much brighter for you Cancer as you have come to terms with things. You also have more energy and are able to handle situations as they arise. There is still some sadness but it is nothing you cannot handle plus you have a wonderful network of friends to love and support you!

Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Dear Leo this month appears to be about your hopes, dreams and wishes. You are struggling with their delay at the start of June but you are able to communicate your feelings about this in a very open way. Also there is a work issue that has been concerning you and negotiations start in this area as well. By the full moon on the 9th June the focus shifts to a young family member or your own child who may be feeling a little down they may just need some fun and excitement a creative hobby may just be what is needed.

At the same time a sibling could feel overwhelmed by work and other commitments and may request your help in some way.

You start to slow down by the new moon on the 24th June and may want to spend some time home and alone. Your emotions and sensitivity could be strong so be careful not to take what others may say to you too much to heart. It is time to take stock of and evaluate what is important to you and not a time to implement any big changes.

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Dear Virgo the beginning of June sees you very much at the forefront this is not a place you always feel comfortable preferring to be in the background but on this occasion you are going along with the it. Work and finances seem to be the heart of this situation with you shining in your career and money is in full flow. You could be asked to communicate on behalf of your company in some way maybe teaching your skills to others. Your love life appears to be getting interesting too in a rather unexpected way.

By the full moon on the 9th June there may be a need to have a heart to heart with a member of your family as they may feel threatened by your focus on career.

There does appear to be a lot less time for fun and friends at the moment but you are really enjoying your work at the moment and getting fulfilment from it. You are able to explain these thoughts to others in a caring and sensitive way.