MilliOnAir interactive Magazine June 2017 - Page 140

we released the poem on Facebook "@inmotiontoopenthemind" and within a few days it had been seen by thousands. the video is also on you tube and my webpage

Releasing the poem and getting the response from all over the world has inspirerd me to carry on my work to let people know its ok to be who you really are. I have set up ‘in motion to open the mind’ where I want to inspire people and change the way the world see differences and how to accept themselves for who they are instead of trying to be someone else.

Beyond the Mask also taught me that we can have thoughts that aren’t always the truth. I know now that thinking I’m going to be miserable for the rest of my life was just a thought, it wasn’t the truth. When we ask ourselves if our negative thoughts are really the truth and if we are honest with ourselves, for a lot of the time, they aren’t true, but what do you do when you don’t know how to deal with them.

Things are now very different for Callum and although he still experiences people saying things about him or to him, he has learned to deal with things in a way that is conducive to the person he wants to be. He generally feels better about who it is that he really is and isnt afraid to show others who he really is. He is now able to push beyond the masks that he used put on when things got a little scary.

Callum explained, I can honestly tell you that going through the process of Beyond the Mask has opened a whole load of opportunities for me. One opportunity I grabbed with both hands is expressing my thoughts and feelings through videos. I now want to inspire others to not be afraid of who it is that they really are. I want to teach them the things that I learned going through Beyond the Mask that everything in life is okay and things do get so much better.

what does the future hold for Callum now. he intends to carry on writing his poems and expressing his thoughts this way but also he wants to go on to be a motivational speaker, he has the opportunity to go to Copenhagen university in Demark to give a motivational speech, which he is raising funds for by selling copies of his poem and he has a go fund me page for donations "" as he feels it is important to share his message as far as he can.

Callum has been through some very dark times and now he is enjoying the brighter side of life, its great for such a young person he is doing an amazing thing, and he is as proud of himself as others are of him.