MilliOnAir interactive Magazine June 2017 - Page 108

A further interior enhancement is the inclusion of a rotary controller in the centre console which has the image of the iconic Flying Lady lying beneath its crystal glass surface. This controller is touch sensitive, enabling the usual functions associated with a touch screen. The benefit of housing this in the centre console is that it avoids leaving unsightly fingermarks on the screen housed in the dash. There is the facility to either turn the controller to scroll through the options or 'write' characters using your finger. And now that Rolls-Royce is spreading its network across the globe, it goes without saying that the system will recognise multiple languages, including Arabic and Mandarin. Again, the attention to those 'little' details is amazing.

As you would expect in a Rolls-Royce, the audio system is first rate. Actually, 'first rate' probably doesn't go far enough when trying to describe it. According to Rolls-Royce it is the 'most exhaustively designed automotive hi-fi system ever developed'. In fact, when the system was being developed consideration was given as to how the design of the Ghost Series II would effect the sound production. The system boasts eighteen individually tuned speakers, positioned around the cabin to provide maximum listening pleasure. But, no matter how enjoyable any audio system is, there are always going to be outside noises to interrupt your pleasure. Again, Rolls-Royce to the rescue. In a bid to maintain this optimal listening experience there are numerous external microphones detecting those intrusive outside noises. The system will assess these and can subtly adjust volume and tone to offset them.

''It automatically selects the most appropriate gear for exiting that corner in order that it is perfectly prepared for it rather than just simply reacting to your right foot after you've finally seen what's ahead''