MilliOnAir interactive Magazine June 2017 - Page 107

Subsequently, there have been numerous other enhancements around the cabin including the clock fascia and instrument dials being bejewelled with chrome surrounds, giving that extra feel of luxury. And of course further veneer options have been added to the bespoke list should you wish to customise your vehicle to your own tastes even further. Now you can choose from Paldao or Walnut Burr Crossband.

Historically, Rolls-Royce cars were all about taking care of the passengers but times have changed since Rolls-Royce launched the first Silver Ghost, or the 40/50 as it was officially called way back in 1907. The owner would almost certainly employ someone to undertake the 'chore' of driving whilst they relaxed in the luxurious setting of the rear compartment. If, today, that is still your preferred way to travel then you need to acquire the Phantom; the perfect car for that purpose. But in the new world where many, if not most, Rolls-Royce owners will drive themselves, the Ghost had to go further than looking after the passengers, it had to look after the driver too. The 2009 Ghost was a huge step in that direction. The Ghost Series II builds upon this with a dynamic package that includes several technical developments, incorporating steering, suspension and axle tweaks, which improve its dynamic ability without compromising the levels of ride comfort. Further driver focussed developments include the recently developed, amazing satellite aided 8-speed automatic transmission, introduced on the Wraith, that through the use of GPS, can map the road ahead of you and select the most appropriate gear for its negotiation. So when, for example, you are heading out for Sunday lunch to a recently recommended countryside Gastro-Pub along an unfamiliar road and you're approaching a bend that is obscured by the surrounding flora, you may not know how the road unravels around that corner, but the Ghost does. It automatically selects the most appropriate gear for exiting that corner in order that it is perfectly prepared for it rather than just simply reacting to your right foot after you've finally seen what's ahead. So if around that corner you are met with a considerable incline the Ghost will already be in the lower gear required and not having to kick down when you bury your right foot. It all makes for a smoother driving experience. Clever!