MilliOnAir interactive Magazine July 2017 - Page 139

I put my lips to my glass just as a friend from my school days made her way through the crowds. She looked at me with big blue eyes and said 'I'm so glad I've met you after all these years because I wanted to thank you'. 'What for?' I asked. She went on to explain that her school years had been unhappy ones. Her father had been abusing her. She hadn't told a soul and hadn't informed the authorities. 'You're the reason I went to school. If it wasn't for you, I never would have gone'. I was dumbfounded. For two reasons. One: we were in different streams so never shared a classroom together. Two: we were never close friends, more acquaintances.

I was lost for words.

I had no idea I'd made such an impact on her. I felt so humble but, just as quickly, a sense of failure swept over me. If only I'd known, if only we had been closer, I felt I could have helped her, really helped her.

The gratitude of these two women that night, expressed within minutes of each other and for experiences that had happened decades ago, meant more to me than holding that award in my hands.

So never underestimate what a kind word, a small gesture or a positive action can do for someone. We all know how infectious a smile can be to a stranger or how laughter can lift the vibration between a group of friends. The impact can be huge.

Make sure that all your ripples are good ones, golden ones. Don't underestimate their greatness. They ripple and expand into the outer world and their impact can become bigger than you could ever imagine. And the ripples may come back to you in the most wonderful of ways.

I'm off to gather stones to try and see if I can master what seems for others, a simple pleasure. I won't sweat it any more if I can't dip and dive my endeavours for I know I impact others with my ripple effect in different ways…and that's what counts.

Tana Dawn

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