MilliOnAir interactive Magazine July 2017 - Page 138

As a young girl, I was never any good at skimming stones on water. I would try my hardest to make my stone bounce along just the same as the sunlight would dip and dazzle on the sparkling water. No such luck.

I'd watch the boys as they moved into position, leaning back and then whipping their arm forward and releasing their stone. It would dip and dive and bob along sending the biggest ripples out towards the water's edge. I'd ask them for tips and demonstrations, but to no avail. My stone would just plop…plop to the bottom, never to be seen again. I felt such a failure.

How wrong I was.

Decades later, and I mean decades, I was attending a special birthday celebration for a friend. The venue was jam-packed and I'd just returned the previous day from America where, as part of my five week trip, I'd travelled to Hollywood to receive an award for my contribution in a book which had become an international best-seller. An old, but familiar, beautiful face from my corporate days wandered over smiling broadly. She wanted to thank me for having made her feel so welcome all those years ago in a world that was so unfamiliar and scary to her. 'I started on the bottom rung of the ladder but you made me feel so comfortable in that huge organisation. You encouraged and helped me to really go for what I wanted' she said wrapping me in a big hug. I was delighted for her, thanked her graciously and wished her well for the future.