MilliOnAir interactive Magazine April 2017 - Page 74

"THE HOUSE OF MIRACLE" WRITTEN BY MELANIE ANN LAYER This is the perfect getaway location! It is secluded enough that I didn't have to worry about passers-by and having to smalltalk with strangers, but close enough to the main beach that a leisurely walk brought me to delicious restaurants, nightlife, and happy, eager tourists to connect with. I truly believe this Villa to be perfect for so many things: to reinvent yourself completely, for a romantic getaway, for a family get- together or a prestigious retreat. Either way, I can't imagine a better location to enjoy life! Even though I didn't experience the private chef, enjoying meals in this Villa is quite an experience. The kitchen is open and overlooking the pool and ocean, there are two fridges and a large gas stove, plus a pantry filled with every fancy plate or glass you could ever wish for! The large, dark wooden table in the dining room seats twelve and is perfect to host dinner parties or meetings. It doesn't matter where you sit to eat you will always have an outstanding view. One of my favourite parts about Villa Milagro is the magic doesn't end once the sun has set. The beautiful lamps and light fixtures carefully placed within the Villa transform the place into a high-class, luxury lounge ambiance. The infinity pool lights up and I can't tell if it looks more inviting in the daytime or the evenings. It all depends on what you love: sunlight or starlight. There is absolutely no light pollution so looking up into the night sky is like staring at a perfectly doctored photograph. Skies upon skies filled with stars so clear, so bright, so extraordinary! And as my head hit the pillow and the waves lulled me to sleep all I could think of was that in a few short hours the sunshine would be greeting me along with the view. No wonder Villa Milagro translates to House of Miracles! I feel grateful, I feel abundant, I feel joy!