MilliOnAir interactive Magazine April 2017 - Page 68

Soon after Nicole wanted to fuel her drive for photography by attending Parsons School of Design/The New School in NY which led to her meeting Andy Hilfiger who immediately took a fondness to Nicole’s photography where he personally invited her to shoot the runway collection for “ARTISTIX” by Greg Polissini during Fashion Week last year.

After having briefly been showed her work, Hilfiger arranged for a production pass to be left for Nicole allowing her all access to the New York Fashion Week show to cover the event from the unique and creative perspective she harbors.

Nicole has since returned back to California and has been focusing on bridging the gap between the fashion and music industry.

Back in January this year, Nicole shot “TBOZ UNPLUGGED” benefit concert at The Avolon in Hollywood where she was capturing the visual moments of T Boz (of TLC), Snoop Dogg, Naughty By Nature and Da Brat.

NICOLE’s Mantra - written by Nicole

“Taking the photos that I do has taught me to go out and get what I want when I want it because it became so apparent that I can’t afford to just sit back passively instead. I can’t tell you how many photographs have fallen victim to my hesitation and missed being created altogether. I apply this mantra to the career I’m so fervently pursuing. Don’t hesitate. If it’s something you feel is essential for you to achieve or obtain then make it happen! Take that photograph or push a little harder for that meeting. It’s very cliché but I always remind myself that if you don’t try, you’re in the same position you’d be in if you had been rejected or failed.”




Henry Diltz (Rock Photography) “Nicole’s skills in networking in both the community and professional spheres exhibit her determination and passion.''

Eva Fairchild (Entrepreneur) “Nicole really is a gift and an honor to work with.”

Pamela Bowen Stanley (Actress) “Nicole is fresh, young talent, who is a joy to work with. She has such a creative eye and I see great things for her future.”

Naughty by Nature