MilliOnAir interactive Magazine April 2017 - Page 63

TBOZ was also nominated along side Oprah Winfrey by Iris Cantor UCLA Women’s Health Center for educating an resources. Tionne has even been to congress while working a campaign for The Be The Match Campaign to pass the bill for bone marrow transplants. She also spoke at the celebration reception after such a success.


She also now has her own radio station entitled iCraft Radio an online station thru the Dash Radio app.

Ranging up to 2 million listeners. She has a show on her station every Friday called My Block Radio.

And now she has ventured up with Film On Tv to have her own television station. Online they have 2 billion viewers and will be aired on channel 6 in all major cities on Dish Network and Direct Tv…

...she will be able to create whatever content or shows on her channel.

TBOZ also has her own private label of children’s clothing coming out called “Baby Bouge”.


So stay tuned for her book embracing her tremendous journey entitled: “A Sick Life”

Also appearing recently this year on the Emmy Award Winning Day-Time Television Show entitled: “DAYS OF OUR LIVES” Soap Opera.


Live Photography by NLG Photo