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A'int 2 Proud 2 Beg...

Tionne ‘T-Boz’ Watkins is the heart, sound and lead singer of TLC, the best selling female american group of all time. Watkins low, deep, sophisticated delivery of the groups numerous hits including “A'int 2 Proud 2 Beg,” “Waterfalls,” “No Scrubs” and the Watkins penned “Unpretty,” to name a few gave the seminal act the swagger they needed to captivate the music world for over decades.

TLC was the first Hip Hop act to earn a Diamond Selling album for sales in excess of 10 million copies with 85 million albums sold overall. Being the creative center of TLC, Watkins not only conceived the groups over all look but also was largely responsible for putting together their on stage show, presentation and routines for their numerous sold out world tours.


Having won 5 Grammy Awards for her performing and songwriting, Watkins did not sit on her laurels. She expanded herself by authoring a book of her poetry entitled Thoughts, for which the fans are requesting for her to release a second volume. Having a huge interest in the film world, Watkins told her story and executive produced a movie about growing up in Atlanta in the 1980’s in the hit film ATL. Watkins worked as an actress, appearing in Hype Williams 1998 film Belly along side DMX & Nas. She also appeared in episodes of Living Single, the first time along side her bandmates then another without them. T-Boz was a contestant in The Celebrity Apprentice. Also having a hit reality show on UPN's "R U the Girl".

She later joined up with the TLC Network to create her own reality series about her new life in Los Angeles with her family entitled, Totally T-Boz. Watkins put the series on hold when Vh1 approached her and Chilli about executive producing a biopic about the rise of TLC entitled Crazy Sexy Cool which was also the title of the group’s most successful album.

The film was a ratings bonanza and became VH1’s highest rated biopic ever and cable’s highest rated show in 2013. The show also set social media a light and catapulted TLC back into the musical spotlight with highly memorable performances on both the 2013 American Music Awards and the finale of Dancing With The Stars.

Having suffered from Sickle Cell Anemia from birth, Watkins has pledged herself to be a life-long spokesperson for the potentially debilitating disease. She often spends time with children suffering from the illness, over the holiday season to give them the positive inspiration. She also does public speaking engagements. Numerous of organizations have hired Ms. Watkins to speak to youth or medical seminars, boys and girls clubs, churches, NIAA, NBA Wives Luncheon, Sickle Cell Fundraisers around the world.

Following the success of the film and TLC’s 2013 hit single, “Crooked Smile” #1 single with rapper J. Cole,

Watkins is deeply ensconced in the recording studio with fellow songwriters like Ne-Yo and Lady Gaga developing the signature sound for TLC’s next album release. In the interim, TLC's album TLC 20 a compilation of all the groups hits, plus a new single "Meant 2 Be" which was released as the soundtrack to the Crazy Sex yCool Movie went #1 on charts. VH-1 had TLC perform on the SuperBowl Blitz which was the highest rated performance of all the entertainer within the 3 nights aired. TLC has been performing numerous of sold out shows around the globe since and just finished a successful arena tour…48 cities in two months with New Kids on The Block and Nelly. Mostly all the shows were sold out as well! They even performed in Madison Square Garden 2 nights in a row. Watkins has also joined the cast of The Cartoon Network/Adult Swim’s new, Black Dynamite series which is being produced by the creators of the hit cartoon, The Boondocks.

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