MilliOnAir interactive Magazine April 2017 - Page 6

Editor's Note

This April issue of  Millionaire is one of the most relevant this year for various reasons. Although the March issue was a turning point in bringing more new and inspirational people in the mix, the April issue is turning a page, a new leaf so to say.... inspiring individuals, design, travel, new ideas, ethical brands and new connections….it is like we have had a spring clean and we are ever evolving.

As an online interactive magazine showcasing inspiring people and luxury brands, we know that we will be scanned by the generation of go getters, a new breed of social media guru’s, designers, stylists and celebrities, as well as by our faithful non-industry readers, to see what is happening in the luxury, social media world and this month we won't disappoint. 

There are so many fabulous fashion images in this month from all corners of the globe and it's been a privilege to see them come about with our new-found friends in ForwrdPR. 

Our cover star Colin Jackson, shot by Marco Cardelli for Vero-Ltd. Colin is one of those guys that never seems to sit still, his calmness, wit and enthusiasm make him such an approachable person and someone you can easily be best friends with, he is always creating something amazing. We met him in London in a rare spare moment for the launch of GODADRUN which you we feature this month.

So, this Spring season as I mentioned previously we are bringing you a lot more of a fresher cleaner feel, we want to bring you more of what and who is out there NOW, bring you video advert campaigns as well as the who’s is who and hot around the world right now. And we are going back to our top five April Instagram all-stars NEXT month.

So, we will keep entertaining you from page to page with our packed luxury, lifestyle and inspirational people.  

Keep up the sharing, the caring and the love out there…

Enjoy April



Founder and Editor in Chief

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