MilliOnAir interactive Magazine April 2017 - Page 47

Everyone must ask you about working with Tom Hardy. What’s he like?


He’s a lovely man. I played his mum in the TV film, Stuart A Life Backwards, which also starred the equally lovely Benedict Cumberbatch. I also did a play with Tom. He’s a very talented actor and I’m so pleased to see all he has done.


He’s a big star now, of course. I had his number when we did the play together but later lost it. A gay friend of mine almost passed out when he heard that!



Do you regret not going to Hollywood? 


No, my bottom’s so big it would block the sign out!


Seriously, I was a single mum and the only breadwinner so EastEnders seemed like a safer bet. And I did not want to change the girls’ schools. 


But I really was not prepared for the impact of being in EastEnders. I had only been on the show for a week when I took the girls to the local swimming baths and the attention I got was overwhelming.  To this day, even though I have been out of the show for ten years, people still come up and ask about Debbie. 


What are your plans for the future?


I really enjoy painting and it would lovely to open a knick-knack shop selling English imports and art in Malta.


But I have just landed a role in a movie being filmed in French and English this summer, so the shop may have to wait. So for now I plan to park my bottom on one of the beautiful Maltese beaches and enjoy myself!



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