MilliOnAir interactive Magazine April 2017 - Page 46

You have been married to Shane Williams for five years now. Has the move to Malta been good for your relationship?


We look at it as a journey we took together. Shane now works at the gorgeous five star Fortina Spa hotel that we used to stay in when we came on holiday here.


His shifts were at mainly at night, so it did feel like we were on two separate journeys for a while, and I got quite lonely in the evenings. But he is working days at the hotel now so we are back on track. Shane is my soul mate.


Do you miss your family and friends?


We honestly haven’t had time!  We’d hardly unpacked before my beautiful 21-year-old daughter Poppy was over to stay and we’ve had friends queuing up to come see us.


The house we have is stunning, with great views from the rooftop which is a real suntrap. My other daughter Jessie is coming over at Easter with my grandson. I’m so excited!


You recently appeared alongside George Clooney in the Nespresso ad, playing his maid. What was he like?


I know everyone says this, but he was a real dream and could not have been nicer. 


It was a bit of a shock getting the job and it all happened so fast – one day I was auditioning, the next I was in a country estate dressed as a maid – and standing next to the Hollywood legend himself!


George has a terrific sense of humour and is just as good looking in the flesh as on the screen. He kept trying to put me off my lines as a joke but it was all done in a few hours. 


What I couldn’t get over was the amount of people around him – there were so many crew. They were all so lovely and made me feel very special, thanking me for taking the job. To be honest, I wondered who they thought I was!