MilliOnAir interactive Magazine April 2017 - Page 45

Nicola, what made you move to Malta?


My father, Jack Duffett, was a commander in the Royal Navy and we were stationed here when I was a girl. Sadly, we lost him to Alzheimer’s when he was just 50. Malta has such fond memories for me and Shane and I’d always wanted to live here. 


Being an actress is always a gamble and I went from earning a tidy a sum each week to finding cobwebs in my purse.


It’s quite common for work to dry up from time to time in this profession, particularly when you are older. So even though the work was coming in again, I decided that I should cut back on my living costs for the future. 


Malta is a much cheaper – and healthier – place to live than London. So we sold up, brought the cat and dog with us, and made the best decision we’ve ever made.


It’s often easier to commute from here for an audition than it is travelling from London to Manchester – and can be cheaper if you book in advance as so many budget airlines fly here now.

How does your day in Malta vary from life in London?


My goodness, it just doesn’t compare! I can’t wait to return to Malta when I am working in London, even though a big part of my heart will always be in the capital.


London has become so hectic – just getting from A to B for a voice-over or acting job is exhausting. The price of everything in London seems to be double too.


In Malta my days are spent on the beach and I’ve also taken up painting. Some days I’ll enjoy a healthy lunch of fresh veg with local ex-pats who’ve become friends. I’m also walking a lot more and feel much healthier than I used to. And of course, the money goes much further here.



Do you worry that you may miss a job living so far away?


It’s really not a problem - Malta is such a central point and even with a last minute job I can be over in the UK in a few hours, although the flight would cost more. Plus, Malta is a bit of a mecca for the film world, as it’s more affordable than many other locations and has spectacular landscapes.


Madonna filmed here, as have many other Hollywood stars. So there is work for me here too. There are recording studios where I can do voice-overs and with today’s technology that’ll be back in the UK or wherever it needs to be within seconds.