MilliOnAir interactive Magazine April 2017 - Page 41

Although I felt self-conscious, nobody noticed anything, including a doctor I had lunch with the following day.


Six days later, my skin was almost healed – and the lines were significantly diminished and my face looked tighter and slightly lifted. All regrets vanished and I couldn’t wait to see Dr Liakas again.


One of the things you find with a master of any craft is that they are perfectionists and this is certainly true of Dr Liakas. He was very happy with the results but wanted it to be a 100%, not 70% so he repeated the procedure. It was easier second time round and he asked me to return in a few weeks, when the area would be ready for some fillers.


Within six weeks I was really pleased with the results - not only was the area wrinkle-free, it also seemed to give my face a natural looking lift. I spoke to other patients who’d had their eyes done, and they said the results were little short of miraculous.


I firmly believe it’s worth spending time and money on your body – we repair our houses and have our cars serviced, so why not our faces?


My procedure was just a small tidy up, but it made me feel great and look better too. Don’t expect immediate results, however. It’s a little like getting an oil painting done – it doesn’t happen overnight but in the end the results will be worth it. 

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