MilliOnAir interactive Magazine April 2017 - Page 27

From top left by row: David 'The Preshah' Harris, Olivia Cox, Elspeth Pierce, Sarah Mulindwa,

Samuel Bensoussan, Prince Casius, Jai'me Jan, Elyar, Danielle Wightman-Stone,

2017 marks the FW Awards sixth year. If you’ve never heard of the awards, it’s not surprising. They’re small scale, intimate and hilarious. Big production and celebrity cachet do not factor in; there is not a sit-down dinner, a famous host, entertainment, guest presenters or a DJ, and historically they’ve taken place on a picnic blanket in a random park. There is not a trophy or even a certificate, it’s simply an accolade whittled down by peers within the industry.

The FW Awards were created by Haus of FashionWorked, a digital platform founded by an anonymous fashion writer who likes to wear a hippopotamus mask. The mission of the platform is to be the premiere destination for independent brands and designers, as well as a directory of the best independent retailers.

Visit the FashionWorked website for more details and to see what categories are being judged.

Full date details and shortlists will be announced soon. For more details or sponsorship enquiries contact: