MilliOnAir interactive Magazine April 2017 - Page 144

Ahhh…it's springtime…what bliss. Buds are bursting open and there's a rainbow of colours falling over newly unfurled petals and leaves. You just can't beat a garden in bloom. Our days are getting brighter and longer and the temperature is rising. What's not to like?

There's a sense of awakening to what's around us and the urge to create something new, whether that be in our business, our branding or in ourselves. Before we get to stirring those magical particles for our new creation, we have to create the space for it to come in and that means getting rid of anything that doesn't serve us anymore. Whether that be physical items such as clothes, shoes and household goods or things on a more personal basis such as people (careful where you throw them), relationships, issues and old beliefs. We have to create space in order to let the new in. You'll probably have heard me talk of this before but I believe it's so important and beneficial to get rid of the old before we create the new.

As I write, a good friend is messaging me to tell me he's in the throes of clearing out his cupboards and has so far found 12 roll-on deodorants, 7 cans of shaving foam, 4 large tubs of ear buds (guess the brand…no prizes, alas) and several bottles of shower gel in various states of depletion.

Now, as entrepreneurs I'm sure you'll agree that we don't want him to miss out on a golden opportunity. His residence (now renamed 'Declutterbuck House' by yours truly) is the perfect sanctuary for those who may be vertically challenged and are busy doing nothing and working the whole day through. I am referring of course to Snow White and her work-shy Seven Dwarfs (or 'doffs' as my daughter used to call them in her younger days). I make no apology for the lack of gender-neutral language referring to Snow White as 'her'. A fairytale is a fairytale in my book of world classic fairytales. Anyway, the evidence remains that toiletries are in ample supply at Declutterbuck House so, my advice to said friend is, instead of decluttering, diversify.

Make use of what you have. And charge for it.