MilliOnAir interactive Magazine April 2017 - Page 140


We can never solve our worldly issues with the same energy that has created them; we can only solve them by connecting to the divine mind of the creator, to the divine intelligence. And to release and surrender with love and trust does not mean that we are passive. When we are chasing after the solutions which do not work, we are controlled by our ego. But when we release and surrender, we receive appropriate answers and guided solutions from this powerful divine mind. Releasing and surrendering is equally active as posting a letter or sending an e-mail for the creator, the divine mind. Ego likes to distract us from realising our life purpose. That’s why it’s better to relax, release and surrender and try not to handle everything by ourselves. It never works. Let us search for solutions with our older and wiser partner, the divine mind of the creator, and our life will become a flow of solutions.


You are priceless and your life purpose is unique.

For you with love,


With love and light!


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