MilliOnAir interactive Magazine April 2017 - Page 139

And what exactly does it mean to release and surrender? The easiest was to do that is through meditation, where we release and surrender of all our problems and worries, all the suffering and insecurities about the world. We release all of that to our higher self, the creator, the source of all the answers and solutions.

Our higher self and the creator are one. There isn’t even the tiniest line separating us from the creator. And our creator sees the solutions to all our worldly problems, to all that is burdening us.

Release and surrender.

...are magical words which even our loud ego is frightened of. To our ego, it means releasing control which is a catastrophe, because ego likes to control every little detail of our lives. It goes crazy at the sound of these words: release and surrender. Ego loves drama, darkness, distraction, it lures us into wasting our time, energy and money and has a negative effect on our self-esteem.

''You are priceless and your life purpose is unique''