MilliOnAir interactive Magazine April 2017 - Page 127

Helen runs a busy and in-demand clinical practice that often sees her working in the evening, with clients travelling long distances to benefit from her services even if there is a therapist closer to home. No late clients today, however, as she is preparing for a new class of Module 1 Bowen Technique (Bowtech) students later in the week including one who is flying in from France.

A qualified and highly-experienced trainer, always ready to coach and mentor students as well as passing on the necessary skills, she is a registered Bowen Technique instructor, one of only 110 worldwide authorised by the Bowen Academy of Australia to teach the original Bowen Technique as developed by founder Tom Bowen.

She has also developed several unique training programmes that have been accredited by the relevant professional bodies including specialist training for Bowen therapists who wish to learn more about the benefits of this gentle therapy in palliative care. Helen’s programme has attracted the attention of the medical profession and is being considered by the NHS in England.

Based in the UK, Helen is well-travelled and versed in many ancient traditions and customs in which today’s complementary therapies have their roots. For 10 years, she lived and worked in Australia where she explored the age-old beliefs of the indigenous Aborigine people for whom sound and healing go hand in hand.

This experience, which also saw her working in sometimes primitive conditions in the Outback with the Royal Flying Doctor Service, inspired her to follow her own instincts, combining sound with intuition to create a new method of reflexology.

Known as The Reflex Resonance Technique™ this unique programme has also been independently accredited, pushing back boundaries as she guides students to harness the intuitive powers that have been ignored or forgotten in the hurly-burly of modern life.

Completing the paperwork for her Bowtech class, Helen sits down for supper with partner Isaac before heading out to a meeting of a local fibromyalgia group. She has been invited to demonstrate how Bowen can help people who suffer from long-term debilitating illness such as ME, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome – a rewarding session that also yields some new clients.

She welcomes requests for speaking engagements, at home and overseas, and finds equal joy in sharing her knowledge and expertise with a small group such as this or large-scale conferences with hundreds of delegates. Recent speaking events have included the International Council of Reflexologists annual gathering in South Africa and Bowen Association of Australia conference in Tasmania. Combining her love of travel with her passion for complementary therapy is her greatest pleasure: “Yesterday is history – tomorrow is a mystery and one that I can’t wait to explore!” she said.

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Editor’s Note: In the next issue, we take a closer look at Helen’s online business, which she launched after discovering three unique health and wellness products in Australia.