MilliOnAir interactive Magazine April 2017 - Page 125

Business has been brisk since winning two national awards and the website needs to be refreshed, another task to be fitted into the schedule together with social media activity. Thank goodness for ‘Team Helen’… in addition to Julia the PA, there is also an order fulfilment assistant, marketing consultant and all-round good guy and IT expert Robert, not to mention Billy the cat whose purring provides a calming presence when needed!

A talented and highly-respected complementary therapist, Helen began her career as a beauty therapist working in a salon partnership with her mother. From early days, her inclination was towards a more holistic approach to wellbeing and she spent time developing these complementary ideas, starting with aromatherapy and the ancient art of reflexology.

Today she has a deep understanding of both reflexology and the Bowen Technique and has extended her interests to work as a therapist, trainer and speaker. A typical day might well reflect all three elements as she thrives on challenge and gains huge satisfaction from sharing her passion with others.

Having checked her emails, she fits in a call to finalise arrangements for a media interview – on this occasion she is the ‘go to’ contributor for Ask the Expert, responding to a magazine reader seeking advice on how to manage the back pain which is affecting her much-loved yoga classes.

All done, and just in time, as her first client has arrived… a violinist recovering from a shoulder injury after falling from his bicycle. With the help of regular Bowen therapy sessions he has been able to continue practising - albeit at a reduced level - without cancelling any of his public performances.