MilliOnAir interactive Magazine April 2017 - Page 113

Paul: You know from my observation. Social media doesn’t give an actual depiction of what’s happening. In Fact a lot of what is happening on social media is a façade. If you just look at all the data coming in al the content from social media, Facebook, snap chat, twitter etc. Talking about all of the things and programs their doing it would feel as if there are more people launching entities involved with social good. It feels that way! But you know in my heart I don’t necessarily know if it’s the case. Ultimately for me, a business a true business is about impact, it’s about solving a problem. That’s what we as entrepreneurs do, we create solutions to problems, and while there will be more problems as we evolve as human, I feel as if not only have more problems been presented over my life time and especially over this last few years with this technological boom. I feel as if there are even more questions that remain unanswered. So I don’t know. You know, that’s a great question! I feel as if more people talk about it but I don’t know if there are more people out here actually doing it.

So Paul as you know I have already mentioned that I follow you on Facebook and am in your mentoring Monday program. And I guess the Internet and social media also gives the idea that people are more accessible. You seem to be very easily accessible to your audience.

Do you feel that is something that contributes to your success?

Paul: First I appreciate you said you follow me and read the content, as I create the content and publish the content for you! In terms of accessibility, I told my assistant last year, that I think, “accessibility is the new currency”, and it’s something that I try my best to provide and its what I feel the worst about, because I feel less and less accessible. You know, as each week goes by.

What kills me more than anything, (this may not be the smartest thing for me to do or say as a business person, but I’m being honest with you) what kills me more than anything? Is to create a post. Like for instance today!! I created a post on my five favorite books of the last year and posted it on all social media, twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram… and cumulatively we probably had 150/ 200 comments… what is killing me is that I cant respond to everyone. . I might only be able to respond to maybe five, cos there are so many other things I have to do, as I have to move on to tomorrow. And to know that there are gonna be 195 people who are not responded to… it just kills me… so “accessibility is currency, but I think it’s important also to figure out how you can manage it and the other point I’ll make here, this is the reason why that I preach to so many of my mentee’s. It’s not about why the total number of followers you have. It’s about the impact or influence you have on those who do follow you and instead of trying to add 1,000 more people to your group why not try to simply double down and communicate directly with those who currently follow you, that’s when accessibility truly is currency.

What about relationship how important is that. In work I do, I find that relationship and maintaining good relationships is hugely important.

Treating everyone with the same level of respect. What are your thoughts about that concept?

Paul: Well I am goanna agree and disagree on that one. I agree that that’s the way it should be done and when you look at people who are on average more successful than others. That’s HOW THEY DO IT, but there are a tremendous number of people who treat their staff like, crap!! And their able to not only continue to do it, but they’re able to do it and. In their careers. And we wonder how does that happen. I believe that, while relationship building and accessibility is important, what it more critical to your career advancement and even your business advancement is, Selective relationship building (to some people that would be called brown nosing). Laughing.

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