MilliOnAir interactive Magazine April 2017 - Page 112

This is the no. 1 place I’m going to online, and so I eliminated it and just doing that and focusing on reading inspirational and aspirational content I found it to be extraordinary. A commonality that many journalists and authors, when they study the most successful, what they find is that these people read!!! Disproportionally read, biographies, history, personal development books. So what your read is very important.

Number four… what you listen to. Once again when I did my self assessment, quite honestly I was listening to a lot of hip hop that had terrible messaging, very negative messaging, and even though I may not go out and do what is suggested in the music. Just listening to it put me in not the most powerful mindset. So I changed the music. I still listen to hip-hop but I was able to source hip-hop that had much more aspirational and inspirational message.

What your listening to is important.

Last thing that’s important in terms of content and I frame this in the context of what you’re digesting.

Diet is incredibly important and unfortunately it’s taken me my entire adult life to realize this.

But our physiology, our body, heavily influences our mindset and our mind, and when you start to look at it, how do you optimize your body; well it is predominately based on the food you are consuming and the rest that you have So, that becomes another place we become much more effective.

For example, I used to have ice cream every night, every night! I mean, I maybe had one, two, three or five scoops after dinner, it made me feel good!! But in the morning it was making me feel groggy and all that. So what I substituted it for was hot ginger fresh ginger, turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, honey, and it is the most wonderful combo, it gives me the sweet jolt that I want, but is incredibly healthy for me and in fact life changing. It’s those little things those little tweak collectively that can bring about life change.

Do you feel that that self-assessment is something that everyone should be consistent about? Not just entrepreneur’s but on a day to day.

Paul: Absolutely, I think for a professional or entrepreneur, we look at it as brand analysis.’ We are never who we say we are, we are what everyone else says we are. ‘

That’s a quote from Jeffery Bassos from amazon who was talking about brand, but when you think about that quote it’s powerful because it’s not necessarily what you say or your actions, it’s what people interpret what you say in your actions to me.

That’s pretty powerful for so and me when I think about that I think that I need to be constantly evaluating how my actions and how my words are being interpreted. You don’t want to do it to the point where you become a robotic politician, who is only delivering what the “polls” say. But you want to make sure that the message that you are intending is resonating and if it is not resonating you want to figure out how to make sure it resonate, and so the only way to do that is to do that self-assessment. So, I completely agree you want to self assess periodically several times a year.

What drives you? What is it that drives Paul Carrick Brunson?

Paul: Oh you know! This is a great question! And I’ve thought about this, because my motivation has changed throughout the years. You know at one point it was about money, at one point it was about status, at one point it was about self and ego. But quite honestly what drives me at this point in my life is legacy you know that’s really what its about for me. Legacy for me is not just what to my children, or what I’m leaving to my family, to my friends, to my community, to my world. That legacy category is what drives me and that’s what keeps my foot on the pedal.

Do you feel that people are investing more in business that serves the community now as opposed to old style business methodology? At least if we were to look at social media it would suggest that.