MilliOnAir interactive Magazine April 2017 - Page 111

is not someone who pushes you to achieve more or achieve something. Well that’s a big problem and maybe that’s not the right person to be in your life.

Considering the work you have already done with Billionaires what would you say are the five most important methods to achieve that mindset?

Paul: That’s a good question, you know that saying, that you are the average of the five people in you spend most time with. Well, I could say that there are pro’s and con’s to that argument but essentially, you want to be around people who are inspirational and aspirational.

The litanies test is essentially a great indicator of that. So, if you look at your last week you ask yourself of the people that you talked to, was the content, (not necessarily the people) but the content, was it inspirational, or aspirational or was it gossip or negative or was it just about entertainment or was it just neutral. The content! That’s the question. So you know, you don’t have to have conversations with billionaires but Are u discussing things that make you want to achieve more and do better?

So the First one of the five I would say is, You want to examine the content, and if the content isn’t right, well that means that you either have to switch out the person that your having the conversation with or you have to change the content that your discussing.

The second thing is, To really assess the television that your watching, and the reason is say this is because the predominant number of people spend much more time watching TV than doing anything else, and I think this is unfortunate but it’s the truth. You know for t v I’m including streaming video. You want to ask yourself if I look at the last 7 days of television I watched, including the news!! Is it encouraging me to want to get out here and do more, achieve more or reach higher levels? I had a serious self-examination some years ago and have eliminated most TV out of my life.

Number three is what we’re reading! I personally when I did that whole self examination I looked at my goggle browser and could see the top six websites that I most frequently visit, and out of those six, the top three were gossip/entertainment websites, and I realized wow, this is a real problem.