MilliOnAir interactive Magazine April 2017 - Page 110

So then Paul it would seem from what you have said, that mindset plays an important part in the entrepreneur’s journey, would you agree??

Paul: Oh absolutely! It’s critical. As a matter of fact it’s interesting, I was literally thinking of this last night. I was thinking about the keystone habits of an entrepreneur and I started scribbling a few ideas and then I looked at them, You know things like mastering opportunities, mastering networking, being able to negotiate, having will power and then I began to assemble them in order. Once I did that I realized that mindset/belief is the most critical element to the equation, without that you don’t have anything.

Paul you have definitely got a great mindset and have worked with some of the most influential Billionaires in the world. So how do you develop or maintain a mindset that is positive. Or how does someone change a negative mindset to a positive.

Paul: This is one of those questions of high intrigue, suggesting that there is some very strategic, complicated method that we have to unearth in some Special way. Quite honestly that mindset shift or belief shift, can be done very simply. It begins by just analyzing the content you currently intake. Your daily intake. It could be the people that you speak to on a daily basis it could be the blogs that you read, it could be the television that you listen to.

It could be the music that you listen to. Whatever the content is that you intake, on a daily weekly or monthly basis. Ask yourself simply, how much of it is inspirational, how much is aspirational and how much of it is essentially neutral and how much is negative. I believe that the most successful people, are able to make the vast majority (80 % or more) of the content they intake aspirational and inspirational. Those who are not successful if you analyze their mindset or go through the content they consume you will find that it are neutral or negative for the most part. SO that’s really where the mind shift begins, it begins in the assessment of the content that you intake. We have to be really careful about that because you know, if you look at the people you talk to, it could be a spouse, or a family member who is not inspirational or aspirational, and that’s a big problem what that means is that you have to realign who your surrounding yourself with and the content your surrounding yourself with.

So Paul lets say it was your spouse, or family member who was not aspirational, particularly a spouse who you live with. How do you realign in that situation.

Paul: well if your spouse is not inspiring to you, then there’s a real problem, you have to re evaluate your relationship with your spouse cos this a person you have signed up to be with for life and if someone is telling me that that person is not hopeful, is not encouraging you to be ambitious,