MilliOnAir interactive Magazine April 2017 - Page 109

A Successful Entrepreneur, Television Host, Mentor, the worlds most influential matchmaker, College and friend to some of the worlds top influencers and Billionaires, Paul Carrick Brunson is definitely someone who is inspirational and aspirational. During our interview I got to find out just how he became so successful and he shared some wonderful for all us Entrepreneurs.

Who is Paul Carrick Brunson?

by Maighread Ni Mhaonghail

Who is Paul Carrick Brunson?? For those people who may not know you.

Paul: I consider myself, first and foremost to be a Husband, a father, a brother, a cousin, an uncle and a friend to many. And I think that’s most important beyond any professional endeavors. Next I would say I’m a mentor, I spend a considerable amount of time mentoring. As a matter of fact in 2016 I spent every Friday mentoring for about 8 hours, 30 minutes a piece all over the world. Mentoring is something that is incredibly important to me, last year I mentored over 400 people. Following on from that would be Entrepreneurship. That’s something where I have started a handful of business’s some of which failed, others that went on to succeed. Probably my biggest success is a multi million-dollar business which I co. founded with a former mentor of mine Enver Yucel. Next to that would be TV host. One that is coming out this year. Next to that a lot of people would still consider me an influential matchmaker. I spent 8 years building that business, and just sold that in 2016. But it enabled me to come from obscurity to become the world’s most influential matchmaker so now I advise and train a tremendous amount of matchmakers and matchmaking companies… So, all of those things would be me.

I would like to focus on the entrepreneurial aspect of your career and perhaps chat a little about how you easy or difficult it was for you to transition from obscurity to the huge success you are today. You appear to have the Midas touch.

Paul: Well first, I definitely do not have the Midas touch. I have still tried many things that don’t pan out, as I would like them to. I think failing is an important lesson learned and I think something that every entrepreneur or professional needs to know, is that, this whole notion of “failing fast to succeed faster!” I think it’s important to try one thing, but try that one thing in many ways. So, I’m a big advocate of the book “the one Thing”. In the book is the notion that we can tap into our greatness if we can double down and focus on something. Not some things, but something! To focus. So while focus is important it’s still important to try that one thing in several ways. So I think ultimately as an entrepreneur you want to identify that one thing and then try every angle of that one thing in order to succeed and every time you try a new angle (so to speak) your just pivoting to the next angle and the next and the next… and once you start to get some traction, you get positive feedback, recognition, or whatever that validation is, you then take a step forward, and when you take a step forward. You try every angle again. That’s really what entrepreneurship is its this journey and if you approach it that way, you will see that for every angle you attempt you take a step forward and when you take a step forward you try every angle again and if you approach it that way you will see that for every angle you attempt and don’t succeed or get validated is not a failure but rather a barrage of lessons. So, that’s how I look at it and I think that’s how I was able to move from obscurity to a level of influence within matchmaking.