Military Review English Edition September-October 2014 - Page 42

student accomplishment of learning objectives.21 Finally, evaluation of learning can also be enhanced by using other forms of data to improve the SPL. This may include data from commanders regarding graduates’ performance on the job following graduation and interviews or focus groups with students or faculty to gather feedback about the overall learning experience.22 A Proposed NCOES Self-Paced Learning Model Learners enrolled in an NCOES SPL course could continue to meet daily with their learning peers and course facilitators to participate in group discussions, problem-centered exercises, or targeted feedback sessions, or to attend guest lectures.23 Flexible grouping should be used throughout an SPL course to have students with varying levels of experience and skills socially sharing knowledge and exchanging understanding. Many of today’s LMSs can support a combination of discussion boards, journals, or social media during a Photo by Staff Sgt. Jason Stadel, NCO Journal learning environments (referring to LMSs such as Desire2Learn, eCollege, Jenzabar, Blackboard, and Moodle) can capture transactional data on student behaviors related to a learner’s personal patterns, usage, and browsing time within the LMS.19 One example is the Social Networks Adapting Pedagogical Practice (SNAPP), which combines content analysis and a social network analysis tool within a course learning environment.20 The LMS known as Blackboard has developed an analytics solution called Blackboard Analytics for Blackboard Learn that monitors learner usage patterns and progress through courses and assesses online learning tools. The goal of using such analytic tools is to provide information on students’ interactions with learning objects and on their virtual interaction with other students in a course. For self-paced NCOES courses, learner analytics could support continuous improvement of the instruction by providing real-time information on the overall effectiveness of the course structure, the instructional content within it, and Staff Sgt. Chantel Duhart of the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, reviews course work during a resident Battle Staff NCO Course at the U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy at Fort Bliss, Texas, . 40 September-October 2014  MILITARY REVIEW