Military Review English Edition September-October 2014 - Page 36

evident that small-unit leader training and a vibrant NCO corps were a necessity. This example shows that without the immediate need for trained small-unit leaders, hard-fought gains to develop such leaders easily can be reversed. Therefore, the challenge likely will be for the JAF leadership to continue to recognize the essential need for small-unit leaders without operations in Afghanistan to reinforce this point. This challenge will be all the more difficult in an era of reduced budgets and limited resources, where the temptation to cut training is ever present. On the other hand, violence is erupting in Libya, Egypt, and Syria, and international coalitions are forming to respond to such crises. Along with Jordan’s desire to build partnerships, these events could persuade Jordanian military leaders of the necessity to maintain the gains already made in modernizing the JAF through empowerment of its NCO corps. Time will tell. Noncommissioned officer cadets conduct an after action review with NCO Basic Course senior cadre member 1st Sgt. Yousef Ahmad al-Hassan, a graduate of the U.S. Warrior Leader Course and a combat veteran of Jordanian operations in Afghanistan, March 2013. (Photo courtesy of Sgt. Maj. Amanda Smith, U.S. Army) 34 September-October 2014  MILITARY REVIEW